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Amphs – Anthropomorphic reptilian sapiens from Marrow. Responsible for research and technology in Marrow.


Anchor (she/her) – A neotenous Amph from Dwarka. Xalma’s friend.


Ashmara (she/her) – Jessop’s mother. An exiled Avian chemist. Formerly an Ambassador to the Amphs in Marrow.


Avians – Anthropomorphic gryphons. Responsible for manufacturing and distribution in Marrow.


Cato (he/him) – The military leader of The Resistance. A Forax. Formerly a scout.


Cowrie – A forest city recently occupied by The Resistance.


Deejii – Xalma’s sorority sisters.


Dwarka – The underwater home of Amph children in Cowrie.


Edge (she/her) – Mana’s daughter, and the hero of the story. A Forax.


Exterminator – A sapien responsible for pest control. Usually a Forax.


Fangowl (they/them) – A mythical Avian god.


Farmer – A sapien who might resemble a wide variety of anthropomorphic mammals, and performs a repetitive task to grow or collect resources. Usually a Forax.


Forax – Anthropomorphic mammals with different physical characteristics.


Harbeshi (he/him) – Jessop’s father. An exiled Avian artist. Formerly an Ambassador to the Amphs in Marrow.


Hiro (he/him) – The spiritual leader of The Resistance. A Forax. Formerly a sentry.


Hive – The home of the Insects.


Hive Mind – A collective mind formed by many individuals through dance and song.


Horndrum (they/them) – A mythical Amph god.


Insects – Sentient arthropods who can operate as a colony (a Hive Mind).


Jessop (he/him) – Edge’s loyal friend. An exiled Avian who loves flying.


Limbic – Where Sole is from. The part of Tsoci that processes feelings.


Mahali (he/him) – An owl-like Avian who befriends Edge and Jessop in Cowrie. Originally from Cowrie.


Mana (she/her) – Edge’s mother. A Forax biologist. Formerly a scout.


Marrow – The sapien city in South Crescent.


Mary (she/her) – An Insect captive from Cowrie. Edge’s friend.


Merge – Edge’s power.


Pod – The name for a Forax community in Marrow.


Rovers (they/them) – Non-propagating buds of Tsoci, designed to perform a task and be reabsorbed.


Ruins – An ancient Hive near Cowrie.


Sapiens – Animals with a spoken language and self awareness. Used the same way the words ‘people’ or ‘person’ are used.


Sewlich (they/them) – A mythical Forax god.


Scout – A Forax resembling an anthropomorphic flying squirrel. Normally responsible for delivering messages and packages in Marrow.


Sole (they/them) – A rover who chooses to remain and individual. Edge’s guide and protector.


Superorganism – The emergence of a consciousness from many organisms who are connected by a complex communication system.


Sopa (she/her) – Mahali’s rescuer, a Forax mycologist exiled from Cowrie. Formerly an exterminator.


The Grotto – Xalma’s home. An underground lake fed by thermal vents with life-extending properties.


The Resistance – A rebel organization from Marrow.


Tsoci (they/them) – A superorganism. The Spirit of Crescent Island. Pronounced TSO-see.


Vera (she/her) – The scientific leader of The Resistance. A Forax. Formerly a farmer.


Xalma / The Child Queen (she/her) – A neotenous Amph with a mysterious past. Jessop’s friend.

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